Fall/Winter 2017 Menswear Trend: Aviation Chic

Aviation Chic. What in the hell is that? For the uninitiated, Aviation Chic is a word I just made up...
noun: Aviation Chic 
Modern take on old military piloting outfits.

"His outfit so so aviation chic, I love a man in uniform!"

Relating words: aviation, pilot, chic, sleek, navigation.

If you have a look at the old school military piloting uniforms, you'll notice a lot of leather, patches, strapping, and fur or wool. An example of this is the classic bomber jacket, currently a wardrobe staple in all mens and womens lives, this piece has its roots in the 40s as functional outerwear that would keep pilots warm at the high altitudes.

Bomber jackets, military uniforms, history of fashion

If you have a look at the latest mens fashion shows you can see the similarities re-approaching from these garments time and time again. It looks like fall/winter is all about aviation chic, and in saying that, is this a nod to the current and near future political climate or a homage to the past?

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Khaki - as seen in the shows of Gypsy Sport, Cedric Charlier, Christopher Raeburn, Berluti and Tim Coppens. A light olive brown to moderate or light yellowish brown, First introduced in uniforms of British cavalry in India (the Guide Corps, 1846); widely adopted for camouflage purposes in the Boer Wars (1899-1902).

Leather as seen in the shows of Tim Coppens, Mihara Yasuhiro, Craig Green, Philip Plein and Cedric Charlier. By WWII leather jackets became synonymous with military garb.

Philip Plein, Facetasm, Mihara Yasuhiro, trend, fall winter 2018, trends, shearling, lining, wool, fabric, trending
Shearling as seen in Philip Plein, Facetasm and Mihara Yasuhiro's shows. Wool or fleece from a shearling sheep, usually used to line a coat.
Strapping, hardware, military fashion, fashion trends, craig green, christopher raeburn, facetasm, aviation wear, aviation chic
Strapping as shown in the shows of Craig Green, Christopher Raeburn and Facetasm. Aviation-wear is all about functionality and convenience. Although the strapping in these particular garments aren't particularly functional, the aesthetics clearly point to a reference from the past.
war references in fashion, Christopher raeburn, tim coppens, mihara yasuhiro, graphics, fashion trend, fashion design
War references as shown in Christopher Raeburn, Tim Coppens and Mihara Yasuhiro's shows. Ultimately literal references to what could come.


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