I'm Back!

So it's been a solid 2 years since I have touched this blog...but thats about to all change! We'll see how long this will last but I've really been meaning to get back into blogging lately.
As you can imagine, a million things have happened since we last met, but some things still haven't changed.
I'm still in Sydney, still studying fashion, and definitely still trying to find myself.
Here's a little life update for anyone who cares to read on!

For those who don't, I'll see you soon!

1. I was signed with Elite Management for my styling! Although I haven't done much recently, you can check out my page here: http://shstyling.com/
I did a bit of work for a few magazines and celebrities which was super fun.

2. I started my own label. Non existent the label is a streetwear brand! Find the website here: https://nonexistentthelabel.com/
It's a little bit street, a little bit old school and a little bit punk rock, and 10% of all my profits go to a charity called Action Aid which seeks to eradicate poverty worldwide. I actually used to be a youth ambassador for them back in the day (5 years ago?) and had to do a speech in front of the prime minister which was cool and terrifying at the same time.

3. I graduated The Fashion Institute (not sure if that was before I stopped blogging though...) with a Cert IV in fashion business and fundamentals.

4. I've been studying at tafe doing my BA of Fashion Design but am seriously thinking of quitting or at least moving uni's. I still love design, but I'm not the quirky designer they want me to be. I want to work in fast fashion....I've finally found that passion which is interesting because I've always been into couture and ball gowns and sparkly things...

5. I am currently working at an amazing online store as a buying assistant! It is so interesting and fun and I am really loving it. I think I would like to be a buyer in the future. Buying fast fashion ofcourse!

6. I am currently in the midst of overhauling my whole life right now, starting with my wardrobe. I think this blog could be a good place to talk about this. I've been in a pretty bad place over the past half year but I'm hoping to get my act together and that this will help.

I'm excited to delve back into the blogging world, although I think I'll keep it on the down low for the time being. Lucky I kept all my business cards though!
I wonder how many of my mutuals still are blogging, leave me a comment or send me a message if you are!
I'm still on all my socials if anyone wants to get in touch.

I'm really looking forward to getting back into this! Until next time xx


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