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Where I See Fashion is a tumblr blog written by Bianca, a fashion design student from Italy, which I am frequently drawn to. I just thought I would share this blog with you as it is one of my favourites, she matches high fashion images to pictures in nature/life/everything to create beautiful combinations.

"I’m constantly inspired by the beautiful pictures that I find here on tumblr and I’ve always felt like a needed to do something more than just reblog them, I wanted to find a different way to express what I feel. The idea behind this blog came while I was doing image research for a uni project, when by chance I saw two pictures near each other and I suddenly noticed they were related somehow. Since then I couldn’t stop noticing similarities in other pictures all over the Internet, so I decided to organize them by pairing them.. and that’s when I started WISF, in summer 2013. I never thought it would go so far, I gave it the first name that came to my mind!"

You can visit her blog at

My personal favourite

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  1. How great, I can see why you love her blog so much!


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