Outfit Post 5

Said awkwardness in previous posts still has yet to cease (see here). As a result of me attempting to look somewhat gangster and Sarah telling me to loosen up a bit, this is what we got.
#dontlookatme #hashtag
In all seriousness though, this is an outfit that I wear quite very often, the purple ombre tee-shirt is one of my faves because of the material it's made from which makes it super lightweight and flowy. The leather jacket is self explanatory (because who doesn't love a bit of leather right?). Leather does strange things to me. And well, black skinny jeans are always a go-to for me. As you may have noticed I also have an acute obsession with crystal bullet necklaces.

Wearing: SES Jacket / Jeanswest Tee / Jeanswest Jeans / Windsor Smith Shoes / enjay82 Necklace (ebay)

Outfit Cost: $31 +($120 if you include shoes)

The shoes, which I have somewhat fallen in love with, are not mine as I cannot afford such beauty and hardcore-ness.

(Jacket $12 - total bargain- Tee on sale for $15, jeans were $24 but I had a giftcard so got for $4, shoes courtesy of Sarah originally $120)

Photography by metalheadanddamsel

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