Outfit Post 3

So the secret to this outfit post….is that I’ve already posted it. (see here) It’s just a little bit adapted to the cooler days with a jumper. We may or may not have been shooting this in the freezing cold, causing the goose bumps to erupt. Although it isn’t the warmest of jumpers, ofcourse it helps.

This jumper style is particularly one of my faves because of its somewhat skeletal structure, whoever came up with it is such a genius that I bought it in several different colours. No other style does peek-a-boo better.

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Photographer: metalheadanddamsel

Outfit cost: $38

(kmart top- $8, jumper $8, necklace $7, pants received when doing work experience with the company, boots $15)

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  1. The outfit looks so comfy...something I would defo wear!
    Great look :) x

  2. Love the look gorgeous! Very very cool top. Great meeting you last night. Keep me updated on your blog!

    xx Cissy
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  3. Nice look! Really like the pants!

    Check out my blog: simplesassysultry.blogspot.com



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