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One thing you may or may not have noticed about this blog is that although it is a ‘fashion blog’ I have not once posted an outfit post where I am physically in it. I’ve always opted for the styling aspect on other people-namely beautiful tall skinny models- as I’ve never really been comfortable with showing my face (or my body for that matter, I’m not exactly the skinniest of beings).

I’ve decided I don’t care anymore.

Anyway you may not have pictured this face when reading, I certainly don’t picture this face in my head when I think of myself, but here goes- my first outfit post! No makeup, no editing, just plain me.

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Photography by the ever so beautiful metalheadanddamsel

Outfit cost: $24 total

(Jeans were on sale for $24, but I had a giftcard so I got it for $4, jumper received during work experience with the company $0, boots $15, necklace was one sale for $5)

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  1. hellooooo hot mama ;) you're a beautiful human being and look at this! no make up?! i'd never look this good make-up free!


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