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Even though I work in fashion, live and breath fashion, I rarely spend more than $10 on anything, some might say I take spending on a budget to a whole new level... $12 for a T-shirt? nup too expensive. I think the most I spend on anything is shoes, and even then no more than $30.

My latest haul saw me buying a whole load of clothes from Factorie- who I think is a branch off Cotton On- where I bought a pair of jeans for $5! Five dollars, seriously. And in a colour that I had been searching for for months. Score!

(This is actually today's outfit, $9.95 for the tee-and the words are holographic! Love. and $4.95 for the jeans, bargain.)

It's pretty good to keep a guideline on how much you spend, I keep track of everything I spend during the week (food, transport, everything). I keep within my budget though. A good way to do that is to only spend the cash you have on you and no more, or to have a credit card and have a certain amount you can pay off every month and stick to that limit.

If you want to know a bit more about credit cards and controlling your spending, click here. Amex is always a good one, they have a points system for discounts and rewards, and they even collab with ticketmaster so yay for concert tickets.

I know it's hard to find clothes in that limit, and a lot of my friends have another way of doing it which is spending a lot on a certain outfit or piece and wearing it a lot. They have a smaller wardrobe which lasts them longer, but personally I prefer to have more clothes so I'm not wearing the same thing every day.

Either way, clothing on a budget can be hard but definitely doable!

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  1. You have some amazing finds for so little! Learning to shop on a budget is something we can all benefit from.

  2. Wow I should take you shopping. I am thoroughly impressed. Amazing finds!!!


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