Review: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula

I've been itching to do a beauty review lately for some reason and so I thought I'd share with you the body moisturiser and hand cream I've been test running away from my usual sorbolene.The Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream and body moisturiser is great for dry skin and being prone to it in Winter (we're almost there, Summer! So close, yet so far!), it has been a great help.
What I like most about the moisturiser is that the smell is like super faint, you can catch a whiff of it but it's so light and not overpowering in the slightest. The moisturiser isn't greasy like a lot of moisturisers and it rubs straight in, hydrating the skin well. It's also not too thick and really light in texture.

It started with Norwegian fisherman:  Faced with some of the hardest, coldest weather on earth, they used a formula that delivers concentrated levels of glycerin to dry, chapped skin providing immediate and lasting relief.Now the effective Norwegian Formula is available to you in Hand cream, Foot Cream and Body Moisturiser.

The hand cream looks somewhat like pawpaw ointment or even vaseline. It is as the packaging claims, completely fragrance free which is great for sensitive people. It also lies true in the claims that just a dab heals dry skin. I wouldn't go so far as to word it that way but you only need a small amount to cover your whole hands in it. Unlike vaseline or pawpaw ointment, the hand cream doesn't stick to the top of your skin, rather gets soaked up by it. That was the main point of difference for me, you don't have the gross residue. I also feel like my hands are actually a lot softer!
Anyway I would totally recommend it so go ahead and try it out for yourself! xxx
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  1. That hand cream sounds really great! I find that my hands just get so dry, I'm always looking for something new!


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