I came across this project called 'Identical' by Martin Schoeller about sets of twins who are identical yet they have their differences despite having the same DNA. It kind of led me to think about how small/fast fashion stores produce clothes which are completely identical to the higher brands yet come with a smaller price, and in turn a smaller range of quality. In this case, the 'DNA' is the style or design of the clothing.

In class the other night we were talking about imitation in fashion and how it's hard to spot a fake unless you really know the real thing. Fake's are definitely something that is a big issue in the fashion industry but I don't think it matters whether you have a fake or the real thing as long as that was the look you were going for. I feel like people buy things just for the sake of owning something of a brand name. Sometimes just because something is more expensive, doesn't make it any better. When people are condescending towards smaller fast brands it bugs me because it doesn't really matter?

For example, Kanye West, the man himself, released a line of plain white tee's...and sold them for $120. Call him a fake or call him a genius, people actually bought it. Not to mention the tees sold out almost instantly. Are people really spending $120 on a tee that you can get for less than $2? Apparently so.

Literally a plain white tee
Irrelevent but made me laugh
Whatever. Originality is basically dead.
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  1. Haha I love this post. Love your thoughts about the brands and all. :)

    Loves. RJ.

  2. GOD, so true! With the internet and the speed of fashion these days...everyone is just copying everyone!

    xoxo Britt


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