Vivid Light Festival Sydney

This isn't really relevent to fashion but I went to see the Vivid Sydney light festival at the Opera House for the first time last night. For those of you who haven't heard of Vivid before, they light up the whole of the Opera House (massive!!) with amazing projections, kind of like a movie. From what I remember there was a pinball game, a girl dancing through trippy light and a vinyl record, all accompanied by music playing everywhere, a dj on the bottom level and random artist light displays everywhere.

I love being in the city at night, especially when there is an actual event happening. It's literally so filled with people you can't not bump shoulders with randoms. The light displays were interactive and super fun and if you're in Sydney this long weekend, go an check it out. Vivid festival ends on the 10th of June. 

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Some of the many beautiful projections on to the Opera House
Some of the light installations- a ball made of traffic cones, a tunnel that changes colours and synthetic light pot plants
Interactive displays- left: if you press the rods they light up, right: if your hand hovers over the circles they turn orange
Light bulb made of light rods, morphic mirror (not quite sure what it did but that's me as the white figure) and front view of first above picture
Trippy room of  mirrors that changed colours and inside of it
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  1. That looked awesome I wish I could have gone! Nice pics :)

  2. That looks beautiful! Yeah, okay not exactly fashion but definitely style and design!


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