Winter Staples

Even though it's late May, winter seems to have made its way into the Australian weather system, and it's going all out. I mean rain, fog, freezing temperature and dark weather in general. Winter hasn't even begun yet! Making it impossible for me to wake up in the early morning hours, and tripping up on the way to the bus stop in the wet weather, you could say I'm not really a fan of winter.
'Bring me summer!' I cry, as I bring to you my top three winter staple pieces.

1. Boots- because no one wants wet socks or cold feet. Combat boots, ankle boots, even ugg boots (apparently unacceptable to wear out of the house, I'll wear them anyway), I don't care, put them on my feet and I'm good to go.What I'm seeing everywhere right now are the Chloe look-a-like shoes, I'm itching for an affordable pair at the moment.
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2. Beanie- I think this season I'm really going to start wearing the several beanies that I own, I've never really worn them before but my friends have shown me that beanies can actually look good. I bought the Fresh beanie we used in that shoot a while back, and I already own a black and a grey one too. I kind of want a red one to go with my red lips!
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3. Chunky Jacket/Jumper- This one is kind of obvious. I recently purchased a skull jumper from dotti which I've just been wearing constantly. I've also been wearing this great faux leather jacket I bought a few years back lately which really goes with everything. What I really want at the moment is some kind of khaki coloured jacket. I don't know if that little era of a trend has passed but I honestly couldn't care less. I like the colour and it seems like a piece you could effortlessly throw on.
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Hope you have a warm day! xx

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