Loving right now: Red Shoes

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Lately I've had a thing for red shoes, whether it takes me homebound (wizard of oz anyone?) or if you desperately need a colour pop, red goes with almost any colour. It can make you feel like a total superstar, if you feel like walking on the red carpet all the time. So I figure if you want to walk on the red carpet all the time then red shoes are exactly what you need!
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One more thing, red looks amazing in the form of docs so if heels are too glam for your liking and you want to go for more of a streetstyle casual look I would recommend docs.
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You can shop some of my favourites are in the links below!
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Shop culprit seude covered heels here (currently on sale for more than half price!)
Shop platform peeptoe pumps here
Shop studded pumps here
Shop wedge ankle boots with studs here
Shop studded ankle boots (similar to chloe's) here
Shop sneaker wedges here
Shop gladiator type sandals here
Shop similar to docs here
Shop cutout combat boots here
Shop jelly sandals here

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  1. I have a dream that I would own all beautiful shoes in the someday.

  2. So much red I love it, I definitely want to get some higher red pumps.
    Blog: CuteLA.com

    1. I'm actually still yet to get my own pair! Desperately need!!! Poor life haha

  3. Well now I desperately need to own some red heels! I love, love the first ones with the bows!

  4. OMG

    I just wrote a post on this yesterday but haven't published it yet

    You are SO ahead of the game!! I wonder what's inciting the obsession.

    Used to hate them, now I love

    Great covereage. Love the blog


  5. I have on a constant search for red shoes for a long, long time - and now this post!! Thanks for giving so many options!! Love them all..

  6. SAME. I have a pair and I literally cannot. Stop. Wearing them.


  7. Just got a pair of red shoes recently myself. Was undecided between getting them in black or in red. But then I took the plunge and went with red. I love them so fun.
    Great post,
    Love dani xx

    1. yess!! I was probably sending BUY THE RED vibes at you ;)

  8. I'm not really into red shoes but I like the platform heels and wedge sneakers on your list :)



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