Hi guys! It's been a while since I've updated you on my life (lol what life).
So here's what's been happening!

1. Well today I was helping out backstage at the Bridal Expo Fashion show and the dresses are sooooooo gorgeous like to die for gorgeous! It's crazy, I think when I do design I might end up doing wedding dresses, especially after that shoot I helped out at a while ago (see here). Yeah I'm just a little bit obsessed. If you've been following me on instagram (@itsamirror) then you would know that we had these little vests that made us look like construction workers haha.

2. Not too long ago I ordered some really cool nail foils from They have some really cute stuff and so much variety in terms of nail art. If you know me, you know I'm a little bit of a nail fanatic. The pricing is pretty good and I'm really happy with the purchase. Only catch is that I didn't buy like the type of topcoat that doesn't make the foils go all wrinkly and gross so they only last a day (if even that). I tried using my gazillions of topcoats, fast drying, normal, even coloured but it just ruins the effects of the foils.

Rediscovered my fave accessory, this floral crown made by one of my good friends @primpedandprimed,  she makes all these amazing handmade floral crowns and sells them on an etsy store, so go check that out. You may have also noticed this is my new icon..yay for a new icon.

So yeah! That's what's been happening with me. What about you? Love to know what you've been up to! Hope you're having a fantastic day xxx


  1. Looks like you've been really busy! I'm loving those nails and how perfect would a lovely flower head piece be with a wedding dress!

  2. you look gorgeous & those nail are amaze!

    PixelHazard |Bright Green Laces|

  3. It would be awesome to design wedding dresses. They're always so gorgeous. And I liked the nail foils you got but I agree I hate when top coat ruins them :( Love the flower crown.


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