Backstage: Zegna 50th Wool Awards

Two nights ago I had the amazing opportunity of being backstage at the Ermenegildo Zegna (pronounced like Zen-ya) 50th Wool Awards. I've already written up a post about what it actually is (click here), because wool awards? What??
I had the pleasure of being back of house with about 60 male models and the chance to be super fabulous and walk the runway myself.
No, I'm only joking about that part. To say the least, the Zegna Wool Awards runway is the biggest menswear show in Australia, so just imagine the amount of eye candy running around. Unfortunately I didn't get to attend the after party (which I was told after that I could have), so I didn't get to meet Chris Hemsworth or Megan Gale, but I did have a really good time, made some new friends and connections and overall had a pretty good night! If you would like to see some backstage pics and a little walkthrough tour of the venue go ahead and click the read more button! xx

(hair and makeup)

(models lining up for last minute hair and makeup checks)

(garments all prepped night before the show)

(model board)

(derpy media wall photo night before the show)

(absolutely incredible projection room on entry of the venue)

(the room that the party was held in)

(Weird lighting and me looking derp with Andrea, Italian model that I was looking after)

(me looking derp with Angus, model from Brisbane that I was looking after)


  1. Too bad about the after party but it looks like you still had a great time!


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