What's in your bag?

I always have to have on me a massive bag filled with a whole load of stuff which I "might" need at any point in the day, most of which doesn't get used.. or maybe it does, I haven't really though about it. I've tried carrying like a smaller clutch type purse bag for my daily living which fits only my phone and wallet but it's impossible to feel complete without all my little things that I carry around.

I'm going to have a dig through my bag and show you what I've got! Here we go.

1. Notebook I use for class, random musings at the back and/or my sketchbook (the black one). It used to be my folder for class aswell, but as if I have enough space!

 2. Deoderant with the wrong lid... and a bottle of water (reuse your bottles guys!)
 3. Necessity, wallet + iphone should be in this picture. I only recently got an iphone so it used to be ipod touch and phone and wallet. So heavy.
 4. 2 pens (minimum- it gets up to 5 or 6). Felt tip and liquid ink. Earphones, snacks, mints. It's usually a piece of fruit and a sandwich aswell.
 5. Primping products, pencil eyeliner ( I found 3 in there!), red lipstick, a hairbrush and 3 types of lipgloss/balm.
So just in making this post I realised WHY my bag is always so big and full. I usually have a jumper or an umbrella in there too. There's like little things aswell, so much crap! But I actually need all this stuff, it's impossible to be out for more than a few hours without them.
Ladies, you may be worried about how much you have in there but hey, I'm here to tell you it's normal.
Do you guys have this much in your bags or is it just me?
Anyway hope you're having a fabulous day xx


  1. I have a bunch of items in my bag and I always try to organize, but it just doesn't work! I carry similar things like you and I have to say-I'm glad it's normal.


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