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Hola! First up this post marks 101 posts for me, how exciting! In saying that, I'm starting something new with some gorgeous girlies, it's kind of a blogging network where we'll have a weekly Topic and will post something to do with it! Today's post is going to be to post about some kind of collection we have going (shoes, bags, whateverrrr). You can check out Serra and Georgia's fab blogs by clicking on their names here.

So I figure I'll show you a snippet of my bag collection and where I got them etc, these babies have held more than I needed to have on more occasion than one! Also apologies for the terrible quality photo's, I've been having to use my iphone to get these shots.

You may recognise the pink bag and the kind of brownish one. I did a whole post on the pink one (here) and the other one was featured in a collaboration I did with Emily a while back. (here) I got that one at a sale from Strandbags at DFO just before I started classes at the Fashion Institute and because I needed a college type bag that would actually fit things in it.
As for the other ones, let me tell you their stories.
This one is my current fave ( I go through bag phases because I can't be bothered taking everything out and transfering them into other bags every other day- see here). It was actually a present from my little sister (9 years old aww) for my birthday last year and although it's from big W and not branded per say, I've actually gotten so many compliments from it. I'm in love with it, as they say simplicity goes a long way. Not only that, it fits absolutely everything I need in it.

This one is a really cute party bag I recieved from one of my aunts' from overseas. It's so lovely and purple is one of my favourite colours so it's impossible not to love. My favourite part of it is the silver metallic panels leading up to the straps, they look really cool when I'm out at night. Because it's not a clutch that means more space and no need to lug it around. The little patched part is also a super cute feature and it's also a pocket!
Last but not least- the most practical bag ever! It has so many pockets and little hidden zippers and things. This one I bought at a market in Bangladesh, whenever I go there I buy jewellery from there but this bag caught my eye as soon as I saw it. I'm not usually a fan of denim accessories but I got this one when I was 14 and haven't really used it up until recently. I usually wear it with darker jeans (I'm always in jeans), but not denim ones. I mean I could do the double denim because it's totes in right now.

Anyway don't forget to check out the babes I've linked you to up top, hope you have a puuurdy day! xxx


  1. What a fun idea to link up for something like this! I'm loving that green bag!


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