Beauty Reviews: Jojoba company and Neutrogena

Will being ever so busy lately I've kind of gone on a neglect spree on my skincare/beauty routine. Not that there was much of a routine in the first place...
In saying that, my face needed a good scrub and a cleanse. So to start off I used this exfoliator from the Jojoba company.
This was such a great product to use and honestly it really helped. What I really liked about it was how small the little beads were, I'm used to using one with really large bits of like sand or something and it's really harsh on my skin but this was a bit of a refreshing change. I hadn't really had much of a chance to use it before then because I was waiting for the old one to run out...
Next up is the usual cleanse,
I've been using this one for a while now, it's the neutrogena oil free acne wash and I absolutely love how it smells. Never underestimate the power of pink grapefruit! I actually started using it after finishing up on an acne cleanser which was recommended by my pharmacist but I think after a while that one just kind of stopped working. Since I've been using this grapefruit one, my skin has started clearing up a lot more. I'm not sure if that's something that came with age or if it actually works, I'm going to assume it works.
Last up as the jojoba company's hydrating day cream. I did have to wait a little to use this later the same day after my skin started drying up a bit. The smell of it comes off a bit strong at first but after using it a bit I couldn't get enough of it! The 'hydrating' or whatever really did it's job though, my skin was saaaa fresh after.
Hope you have a nice day! xx 


  1. Oh that scrub looks great. I try to use a scrub 2x per week, it does wonders for my skin!

    1. that's great advice, I think I'll start twice a week too! xxx

  2. Interesting post! * )
    Hello from Ukraine!


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