Lover the Label A/W 2013 collection: Nocturnal

While I was backstage earlier this week I got to view some amazing collectons but one that caught my eye from the beginning was Lover's A/W 2013 Collection; Nocturnal. The collection has to be one of the most beautiful I've seen. The pieces are so simple yet the addition of close detailing is absolutely gorgeous, the entire collection is so stunning. I also love the way it was shot! So simple and elegant.
This top is my absolute top piece. I actually got a picture of Rachel Rutt wearing it at the DJ's show.
Well half of it anyway...Rose Smith wears Gary Bigeni. But yes as soon as I saw this piece I fell in love, it's impossible to keep your eyes off the fab cuts in the detailing. It's so sleek and modern, I don't think I've seen this in any other collection so far. Anyway here are some other pieces in this collection. Hope you're having a brilliant day, wherever you are! xx


  1. These are amazing! The first top is my favourite!
    - Charlotte

  2. It's a lace-doily affair <3 I love it!



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