Editorial: The Night Frost (Papercut Magazine)

Hey guys!! I feel like I've abandoned my blog, but I promise I haven't, I've just been really busy!
First up, I'm now on instagram so you can hit me up there, the username is @itsamirror I'm still trying to figure out how to use it and my new (hand me down) iphone.
Second of all, I would love if you could check out the articles I've been doing for 2threads.com, you can see them here. That's kind of been using up a bit of my fashion blogging abilities which is why I've been a bit behind on here! In saying that I'm probably going to be blogging less than daily.
Anyway all ranting aside, here's an editorial for you. This one is called The Night Frost, photographed by Ivo Sekulovski for Papercut Magazine. The makeup was done by the model herself, Kalina Yaneva. I thought that was an interesting fun fact because usually there is a whole hair/makeup team involved. The main focus here is the gaga-esque wacky head piece. Hope you're having an incredible week! xxx


  1. So lovely! www.adoramehitabel.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Nice but I always find shapes like these extremely jarring.

    xx Domenic


  3. What a wonderful editorial! The pictures are just beautiful.

  4. i love these sculptures. looks awesome xx

  5. This looks so cool!
    I would totally wear it.


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