Summer Shorts

This week is set to be a high in the weather department, reaching up to a whopping 45 degrees (celcius). Apart from beach going and sitting in front of the aircon I don't know what people are going to get up to in that heat! Summer is really starting to make it's mark.
Here are some shorts to keep you cool.
Talulah Moon Orchid- $220 at the Iconic

Bandits Cutoff Shorts - Mixed Metal- now $80.50 from Nastygal

Equador Choppers- now $60 from One Teaspoon.

Rare Baroque Sequin Triangles Knicker Shorts- currently $49.30 at ASOS
Acid Trippin Shorts- $69 at MarketHQ
Marvel Cut Off- $138 from Coalnterryvintage (They have some REALLY cute stuff, I would definitely recommend.)


  1. I want the sequin triangle shorts, they're amazing.


  2. You're lucky you're in Australia, I'm freezing my butt off overhear! I miss shorts season! :( Love the second last pair espeically!


    1. thank you! I actually love the heatwave right now! xx


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