End of the world...part 1/Beauty Sale

As we all know, the end of the world is predicted to be today. Woooo party hard everyone. Really though, if we don't all die I'd like to share some clothes I made for an end of the world party I'm going to tonight tomorrow, so don't forget to check back!

Apologies for the lack of posts lately, I've been so busy working my butt off, interning and battling a fever.

Anyway on Tuesday's I intern at a magazine and they were having a beauty sale where everything was $2! score! You all know I'm a cheapo so this just made my day. I'll also be doing a review of those soon. xx


  1. Haha we made it! And a sale like that, woah.....

    1. i know right! haha yeah magazine head offices always do the best sales! xx

  2. Aww feel better soon! That sale sounds amazing!

  3. Fever and stress...horrible!!! Get well soon dear! xx


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