end of the world, part 2 + camouflage

Yes, we made it. Congratulations to you all who made it through the horror of the apocalypse! Seriously guys, we made it through this;
That has got to be somewhat of an achievement right...right?
Anyway all humour aside, I was going to show you the tops I made for the end of the world party but no one ended up wearing them and I guess they weren't that great so that's not going to happen. They were basically camouflage tank tops and t-shirts though.
And speaking of camouflage, that's the biggest trend I've been seeing lately! I intern at a PR company on Mondays and ofcourse PR companys are always on trend, fashion forward, etc etc. I noticed that a lot of the clothes that are coming out now are camo/khaki related! So naturally I went to lookbook for some guidance and did some research on this whole camo phenomenon and what do you know...a whole bunch of the looks included some form of camo! Streetwear fashion freaks have picked up on the trend all around the world and I am absolutely loving it.
 by Chloe T., 26 year old creepy_stranger from Melbourne
by Florentin G., 17 year old †H† model from Paris
 by Laura A., pony hunter from New Zealand
by Paweł L., 17 year old photographer from Bydgoszcz / Poland
by Ruby T., 19 year old MEXICAN CAGE FIGHTER from Kalamazoo-living in NYC
 by Dominique N., 18 year old STYLE BLOGGER AND VLOGGER @ Style2bones.com + Youtube.com/stylefilmer from CALIFORNIA
 by Vladan G., 25 year old Fashion Blogger, Stylist and Photographer from Tuzla


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