Boxing Day Sales!

Boxing day sales are always the peak of my shopping year, one year I bought clothes boxing day and didn't buy clothes for a whole year. I think I did quite well this year! I came home with this lot (excuse my ugly floor), shopping day successful! Although I did forget to buy what I needed to buy...Triple A batteries for my guitar tuner...woops.

This year the Boxing day sales weren't as good as I expected them to be honestly,  you really had to dig to find a bargain this time. Last year was definitely a better sale. Maybe if it was larger objects I was searching for I would've found the sales better. Stores for those with a larger budget definitely had their day.With lines for each shop spilling over the corner, the city was impossible to go for a quick shop. I might do a post about what I bought later on!
Hope you're all enjoying the holidays xx


  1. I see you bought quite a lot! Lucky you :)
    I'm looking forward to see a post on what you bought ^^

    Merry christmas :)

    x Elena


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