Boxing day sales part 2!

As you all know I am a mad bargain shopper! So this is what I came out with on boxing day (it really doesn't feel like that was only 2 days ago). Boxing Day in Australia is the equivalent of I think black friday for Americans? Either way, the city was bursting at the seams with eager shoppers ready to fight their way to the perfect pair of whatever. I left the house at 8.20am, making it to the city at around 9.15am. Already the shops were filled, people had been there til 5! (CRAZY!). I met up with friends and the shopping began.
Apologies for all the wrinkles in the clothes, I've only just had a chance to take them out of the bags.
 Aqua pastel jumper from Topshop Au $13. The second most expensive thing I bought all day (only after the tye dye jeans), only for Topshop. After battling the crazy lines to get in I felt like I had to buy something for all the effort. It was actually my first time since the opening of Topshop Au and I was pleasantly surprised! If I was allowed to buy shorts I would have gone crazy because they have the most gorgeous dyed shorts in Topshop.
 Pastel patterned top from Factorie $5.  As you can tell, I have a thing for pastel...But $5!!
 Blue top Factorie $5
 Cotton On white button up shirt $10
 Cotton On blue top $5
 Denim button up shirt JayJays $10. It's like a really light blue.
 Studded top from Temt- $7.50
 Tye Dye Jeans from Cotton On- $15
Typo 2013 Diary 'From Paris' $2 and Luck Popcorn Lip Scrub- $5. How cute is the diary, and the lip scrub tastes amazing, kind of caramelly. It's really cool and it's edible! But yes, that was half off so I figured might aswell. I wanted the strawberry one but it sold out :(
Earcuff from Topshop for $7! I don't usually buy jewellery for over $5 but I made an exception for Topshop again...And I really wanted a earcuff type thing so this was perfect.
So all up I spent $84....for me that's quite a lot of money but considering the amount of things I bought it's pretty good! + $8.40 for lunch I had a chicken and avocado crepe which was amazing, yum....Let me know, did you manage to bag a bargain this boxing day? Did you go home empty handed, did you not bother to leave the house at all? xxx


  1. Love the jeans! Great pieces :)
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