I had my work induction today, who knew how many rules there were in regards to clothing in an accessories shop? There's all these do's and don'ts and it's all crazy.No denim, no stripes, no patterns, no sheer fabrics, must wear at least 5 of the items sold in the shop by buying them. I understand the no denim rule but how are you meant to dress stylishly with such a limited warddrobe? I don't have much choice in the clothes I wear because everything has to be covered up. Being a muslim I've grown up in the light of covered up pants and tops with sleeves, no dresses without tights.

Ofcourse you would expect the majority of the Muslim population to be dressed like this.
But I'm more of a I'll wear what I want when I want (if my mum approves). And her approval doesn't come often. Most of the time I dress something like this.

Anyway back to the do's and don'ts of retail in an accessory shop, we went to buy some like skirts or something because most of my wardrobe consists of denim jeans and t-shirts and nothing else. So much for being stylish right? Some fashion student I am.
Here is what I would suggest for all you fashion freaks who are actually allowed to wear whatever they want out there working in someplace like mine.

I would go for this Rare London bandeau dress with high low hem (otherwise known as a mullet skirt) if I was allowed to wear anything above my knees.
This is definitely a yes, if I was allowed to wear something without sleeves. It's the Studded Collar Dress from Glassons.
Pleated skirts are obviously a perfect match with the job, you can also get it at Glassons (Short Pleated Leather Look Skirt)

Anyway I'm off for tonight, sweet dreams! xo


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