winter in spring

Sydney weather seems to have turned to London weather today! It's ridiculously cold and rainy and all I can hear is the wind above my music even though I'm indoors.
Might aswell share some of my favourite winter warmers then?
Pastel and an ugly sweater are an amazing combination that I love!  Although I'm not really sure how suitable the skirt is for this weather,  it's a very cute outfit and I love the jumper.
Now if you think all 'ugly sweaters' have to be ugly you're wrong. This is the wildfox distressed knit heart jumper, look how cute  it is! I would definitely wear that everywhere. This label is actually amazing.
My absolute favourite, trench coats! Ofcourse Harry Styles can pull anything off, god love him in a trench coat.
Ok so trench coats arent limited to pretty boys in London so here is some for us girls.
This first is an ASOS piece, and the black one is H&M. The thing I love most about trench coats is the structure, and the ability to cinch it in the middle for a more shapely look. And the length is always suitable for wear with dresses or pants.
Anyway that's all for now loves, I need to clean my room and make a lookbook for all my clothes so I don't end up wearing the same thing everyday at fashion school and my internships.
Ciao! xo


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