Lookbook favourites of the week

The last few days have been interesting to say the least! I went to see X factor au which featured Cher Lloyd ( who looked AMAZING!) on monday night and yesterday I started my internship at Girlfriend Magazine and had  a class about fashion consulting which looks like a really fun job. At Girlfriend I was stuck doing returns in the fashion cupboard, which any intern knows about when it comes to magazines. It was...I don't think boring is the word but I will get used to it.  Everyone there is really nice but hopefully I get to do something more fun next time!
On an unrelated note I was trawling (is that a word?) through lookbook today and I would like to share with you some of my favourites from this week!

Toxic Kiss

by Chloe T., 26 year old creepy_stranger from Melbourne

Belong to no one.

by Kerti P., 22 year old fashion design student/photographer from Tartu, Estonia 

Give me another chance

by Mohcine A., Fashion Blogger, Stylist from Casablanca, Morocco

INSTAGRAM : mintmacaroons

by Elena S., 16 year old girl from london

figure 8

by Romek Gelard G., 16 year old guy from Poland
bye! xo


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