Hobo bag

Last night I had a Visual Mechandising class in which the teacher called my bag a hobo bag. Ofcourse the teacher being from a background of high fashion and working at Gucci would find my $20 Bluebird bag a hobo bag. Here are some 'hobo' bags which I enjoy looking at. And by hobo I mean affordable.
Right now at Equip there is a buy two get one free sale on all full priced stock!
Here we have the Ruby & Kit accross body satchel from equip for $29.99 which is so adorable!
This is the Ruby & Kit mint canvas backpack for $39.99, but beware dont take this to Fashion school when you have a teacher from gucci because it will be deemed as hobo!
 I honestly don't usually find polka dots very attractive but this one is very cute. It is the Ruby & Kit polka dot bag in lilac for $29.99 also at equip.

Hola! xo


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