Hi bloggers!
This is an extension blog from my tumblr - http://le-simplyclassy.tumblr.com/ -
check it out if you can! It's more of a haute couture base of inspiration for me.
I'm going to start with one of my favourite trends of the season- PASTELS!
I'm not qute sure where exactly this piece is from but I absolutely adore it! The candy colours on a gradient wore well with the floral print of the shirt. The oversized jumper is definitely a must have, although it is spring in Australia... The tears are a great contrast against the soft pastel colours.
And what is not to love about this dress? 
These shoes are a close replica of ones I own and am actually in love with. And the colour = perfection.

Anyway it's not the best first post but I'm pretty tired from trekking my way around the city today and styling a photoshoot for Queen Justine Vintage, you guys should check them out! So excited for the photoshoot on monday!
Have a good night/day loves xo


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