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Last night I had a Creative Project Management class with the one and only Peter Diseris from StudioFrontDesk. He has done some amazing shots of fashion photography. I thought I would share some of my favourite fashion photography images.
These are images from Ellepa photography by Lucia Pang. She went to my high school and didn't know who I am but she is amazing at what she does.
Amy Lafleur, she's brilliant. From the angles to the atmosphere of the photo, she does it brilliantly.
Although he does a lot of...naked shots, his fashion photography is quite remarkable as demonstrated here. Sergey P Iron.

I've actually tried my hand at fashion photography, only to find that I sucked at it. It's probably because I had a crappy little pink nikon digital camera rather than a professional DSLR kind. I don't know if it counts as fashion photography or just normal photography though.
Here's a few of my shots for those who are interested..

laters! xo


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