Outfit Post 2

I am the absolute most awkward person in front of the camera. Give me a camera and I’m fine to shoot or style or just sit and watch as the photographer begins mission. But so help me god someone puts me in front of a camera with someone else behind it (because let’s face it, selfie game strong)…let’s just say all hell breaks loose.

I am the awkward stage after several awkward stages, impossible to do anything what so ever. I stand there and I laugh at myself and how ridiculous I look in front of the camera or just how ridiculous I look in general and how people are staring please stop staring and and and and…..

But despite all awkwardness we did manage to get some good pictures, thanks to my lovely photographer metalheadanddamsel.

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Outfit cost: $30

(kmart top- $8, necklace was on sale for $7, pants received when doing work experience with the company, boots $15)

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