Spring Summer Trends

I know that Spring has begun in full swing with September finally here (how has the year flown by so fast?!), but the Spring Summer season in fashion has just been kicked off to the max by the recent Sydney Fashion Festival and ongoing 30 days of fashion and beauty. I haven't taken part in many, if any, of the activities as I'm spending majority of my days running around the city, interning 3 days a week or starting/finishing school assessments. Scarily enough I'm due to graduate in about a month, not keen at all because I never want to leave!

Anyway as parting of my 'buying' module at college, we were told to go do some research on the recent Spring Summer collections at vogue.com (yes my assessments involve perusing around vogue.com- can it get any better?) and create 5 trend forecasting reports of what we think will be big in the coming season.
So enough waffle from me, introducing to you my forecasts of Spring Summer!

Anyway don't forget to hit me up in the comments about what you think is going to be big this season, have a good one! xx 
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  1. That's a inspirational post =)

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