Friday, November 30, 2012

Alexander Wang/ Balenciaga

Alexander Wang has been crowned the new creative director of Balenciaga! Replacing Nicholas Ghesquiere, Alexander Wang is the mastermind behind these beauties. His designs are seen as sleek, edgy and ever so modern, and although many fashion critics think that he doesn't fit the role, I believe this will be a very exciting change for Balenciaga and although Wang has large shoes to fill, I think he will be able to fulfill this new challenge of creative director.
Also, can I just add, how cute is his niece!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cuff Bracelets

One thing I'm loving right now are cuff bracelets! These bold pieces can help you create a statement no matter the occasion. My favourites would have to be golden cuff bracelets or silver ones with golden accent or indented with jewels and patterns.
Ottoman Hands Statement Stone Cuff- Asos

ASOS REVIVE Superhero Double Cuffs
ASOS Pack of Two Smooth Double Cuffs
Sass & Bide Complete Control Cuff

CC Skye Enamel Hinge Cuff- the iconic

Gold Swirl Cuff Bangle- lovisa

 Wide Gold Cut Out Cuff- lovisa
Massive all-silver skull cutout cuff bracelet - Alice Black 2013 S/S “The Meaning of Life” jewelry collection.
large and small thorn cuffs, sterling- sara samoiloff jewellery
Yochi Clear Crystal Bird on Open Cuff Bracelet

Saturday, November 24, 2012

next project

Short post for today! Just wanted to show you all this piece, ITS SO BEAUTIFUL and I think it will be my next project to make something of the sorts.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Creative space

I’m thinking of turning the cabana in our backyard into a creative space/studio where I can have like my sewing machine and mannequin and everything and I can spend all my spare time in (not that I have much at this very moment) making dresses and such. Idk kind of like an inspiration space like I want to cover the walls in like magazine pictures and photoshoot images and editorials and such and hopefully that will help with starting my own line eventually.

Anyway here are some images of cool interior places which I love the look of.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wedding dresses

So after the photoshoot today I've suddenly found a love for wedding dresses. I honestly didn't think there was anything different to the usual white poofy princess dress, but there are so many different gorgeous types!! Here are a few lovely examples of bridal couture.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Lei Tai and Tasha

Tomorrow I will be interning at a photoshoot for  a wedding magazine which is super exciting!
The hair and makeup artist is Lei Tai who does some brilliant stuff, although I can't seem to find much of their work, they are definitely someone to keep an eye on.
The model we will have is ridiculously pretty and there is no doubt that tomorrow I will be staring at her from a distance and crying because I'm jealous of her face. This is Tasha from Scoop Management.